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AutoVac Stretch™
AutoVac Stretch™
AutoVac Stretch™
AutoVac Stretch™
AutoVac Stretch™
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AutoVac Stretch™

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Check Out the Most Sustainable Floor Cleaner Ever

AutoVac Stretch™ is a simple high-speed cleaning system for wide-area hard surface areas like hallways, cafeterias, warehouses, fitness areas and more. Kaivac’s extreme soil removal technology combined with a unique approach to recycling water provides a massive cleaning range and increased productivity in a walk-behind machine. Stretch, a commercial floor cleaning solution, offers autoscrubber performance at a fraction of the cost and without all the complexity.  It uses up to 75% less water while reducing chemical usage by 66% or more, saving you money starting day one.


AutoVac Stretch is certified by Green Seal® for Environmental Innovation based on reduced environmental toxicity, waste minimization, use of verified environmentally-preferable products, and conservation of energy and water.

Watch How AutoVac Stretch Revolutionizes Your Floor Care Program

AutoVac Stretch Benefits

  • Completely Cleans Floors – Removes 99.8% of targeted soils in less time than any autoscrubber.
  • 25% Shinier Floors – Non-abrasive cleansing action is gentle and shines floors better.
  • Cleans Faster – Clean more than 25,000 square feet per hour without needing to refill.
  • Less Chemicals and Water – Conserves water by 75% or more and reduces chemical usage by 66%.
  • Easy to Use, Onboard Training – No technician required, easy to learn, easier to maintain.
  • Costs Less to Own – Initial purchase price is half most autoscrubbers, plus operating costs are less.

AutoVac Stretch Cleans More for Less

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AutoVac Stretch Cleans Every Type of Floor More Efficiently 

The AutoVac Stretch covers more floor square footage per hour, easier to operate, and costs dramatically less than autoscrubber options making it the smart choice for your floor care program. But even better, the AutoVac Stretch cuts chemical use by 66% and water use by 75% allowing the machine to meet LEED requirements for sustainable cleaning equipment. Recommended for these types of commercial flooring:













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