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E-Force Degreaser Cleaner

E-Force Degreaser Cleaner

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Use e-Force for:

-Kitchen Degreasing
-Automotive Degreasing
-OEM Factory Degreasing
-Spray and Wipe Degreasing
-Kitchen Grout Cleaning
-Kitchen Grout Restoring
-Kitchen Tile Brightener
-Carbon & Coal Dust Removal
-Oil Cleaning
-Tough Mark Removal
-Parts Washing
-And More!

e-Force is Great for:

-Car Dealers
-Industrial Facilities
-Maintenance Shops
-Mechanic Stations
-Rest Stops
-And More!

Save Money

Light Duty Dilution: 1:128 or 1oz per Gallon

Heavy Duty Dilution: 1:16 or 8oz per Gallon

High quality proportioners makes mixing e-Force easy

Prevents buildup of grease on kitchen floors when used regularly

Works quickly for faster cleaning


e-Force is a non-butyl degreaser

e-Force is phosphate free

e-Force removes slippery oil and grease from floors

 SDS Sheet

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