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Kärcher BDP 50-2000 Burnisher

Kärcher BDP 50-2000 Burnisher

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Get more shine for your money with the Kärcher Lightning BDP 50/2000 W walk-behind battery powered burnisher.

The Kärcher Lighting Lightning BDP 50/2000 W w/ AGM 20” battery burnisher features everything you want including an on-board charger, variable speed control, dust control filter and automatic pad control adjustment. All of these great features come in a robust package with a focused lower total cost of ownership. The pad control technology automatically adjusts the burnishing head to changing floor conditions, dramatically improving performance and life span of burnishing pads while producing consistent single-pass results. At only 67 dBA this machine is well suited for daytime use. Shine your floors with the Lightning BDP 50/2000 W and get more value for your money.

Technical data

Pad speed (rpm) 2000
Operating noise level (dB(A)) 67
Drive type Pad-assist
Battery running time (h) 3
Battery voltage (V) 12
Battery capacity (Ah) 228
Battery quantity 3
Theoretical working capacity (ft²/hr) 26000
max. Travel speed 3.25
Operating speed 3.25
Dimensions (L x W x H) (in)

58 x 22 x 45

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