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Arkad Zippy Deep Cleaner - 4x1 Gal Case

Arkad Zippy Deep Cleaner - 4x1 Gal Case

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Arkad Zippy removes embedded dirt from floor finish.  Use Zippy for daily cleaning, as a spray buff, and as a restorer.  When you are ready to recoat, you can use Zippy to "Zip" the floor and avoid the need to strip.

  • Removes soils from finish
  • Prevents soil buildup in finish
  • Helps maintain floor shine
  • 1oz Light duty dilution used for daily floor cleaning with mop bucket and/or autoscrubber.
  • 8oz Heavy duty dilution used for floor restoration including scrub out, recoat prep, and light graffiti removal.

4x1 Gallon Case

 SDS Sheet

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